ETS Call for Mini Symposia Luxor 3-5 December 2019

Mini Symposium Organizers

Those who are interested in organizing a mini symposium (MS) with papers in the areas of their expertise are invited to organize a mini symposium at the ETS Conference & Exhibition. A mini symposium may have a single session or multiple sessions with 6-8 papers each. In case of a successful organization, the mini symposium organizer’s paper will be considered as an invited paper, and he/she will be granted free registration and accommodation. To organize a mini symposium, please consider the guidelines below and send us your proposal by email.

General Guidelines for Mini Symposium (MS) Organizers

1) Title of the organized Mini symposium:

MS Organizers may fix the title of his/her MS to reflect the contents of the organized MS. However, the title should be as concise as possible

2) Joint organization:

MS Organizers may jointly organize a MS if he/she wishes.

3) Number of papers in a MS:

A mini symposium may have a single or multiple session, and each session will be constituted with 6- 8 accepted papers.

4) Source of papers:

It is preferred that the source of papers such as countries or affiliations of authors are diversified, but it is not mandatory.

5) Submission of Abstracts/Full Papers:

Authors are asked to submit their abstracts/ papers to the conference secretariat online. After being recorded the basic information (such as paper ID, Title, Authors, Date Received, etc.), papers will be immediately transferred to the MS organizers. The authors should follow the abstract and paper templates.

6) Review/Acceptance:

The MS organizers have the authority and responsibility to solicit, review, and decide the final acceptance of papers that he invites. The MS organizers may use the conference Referee Review Form used by the conference scientific committee.

7) Support:

In the case of a successful organization by at least 6 registered authors (incl. organizers), MS organizer will be provided with a registration fee exemption and free accommodation. When a MS is organized by multiple co-organizers, the fee reduction and the accommodation allowance will be adjusted by the number of co-organizers.